True Love

The following was taken from Romancing the Divine By Don Nori – a book I STRONGLY recommend to anyone who has allowed our fears to prevent us from entering the Promised Land/Holy of Holies in THIS lifetime OR those hungry to understand the relationship available with Jesus as our Lover, Friend, Confidant and Bridegroom. Enjoy….


“How noble true love is! How invincible! How pure! How innocent!

Love simply comes, often undetected even by the one overtaken by its mysterious powers.

True love. The lonely covet its reality. The arrogant flaunt its presence. The ignorant snub its wonder.

It is as illogical as anything can be. It is hopeless to describe it and folly to shun it.

The greatest philosophers have sought to define it. Religion has tried to buy it. Many have tried to elude it.

Love is as hopeless to understand as it is impossible to deny. Yet reason and logic are helpless against love, for it is a most formidable foe of the mundane and the average. True love, you see, dares to go places where reason cannot tread. Love sees realities about which philosophy can only hope to dimly speculate.

True love knows what tradition can only distantly remember.

True love draws the least loveable. It can make anyone a hero.

True love is the sustaining power of the universe itself, yet is so lovely that it abides fully in the hearts of those foolish enough to respond to its rapturous invitation to come.”


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