I had the privilege to catch a teaching by Kenneth Hagin on television this morning that I found intriguing. I myself took away some food for thought from it and wanted to share with you as well.

He was talking about desire. He said, you must have desire to experience something.

When Ken was a very young boy he longed to have a bicycle, he desired it. He thought day and night about it. He talked about and expressed his interest in wanting one. Eventually his grandpa bought one for him. Of course his sister never got a bike because she didn’t desire one, it wasn’t on her list of Top 10 and therefore not on her radar. She didn’t care if she had a bike or not, if you catch my drift.

Desire is the beginning of achievement.

When we desire something, our fire is fueled to make that ‘something’ become tangible reality that we can experience. We do not allow anything to get in our way, excuses are not an option, road blocks – we find a workaround.

The Wright brothers wanted to fly. They were told time and again how ridiculous that notion was and they should just give up, yet they kept at it and as you know they did fly, being the first to pilot a powered plane.

Helen Keller became ill at a young age and as a result, lived her life blind, deaf and mute. Yet with all of those against her, she persevered and pushed through with the flame that fueled her desire to learn and teach and overcome.

Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Burns (poet), Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Graham Bell, Jeremiah the prophet, Billy Graham, Albert Einstein, Michael Phelps, Michael Jackson and Babe Ruth.

The thing we desire, we will achieve, which begs the question – What desires are fueling my life mission? What desires am I feeding in my own life? Furthermore, if we treated desires in our spiritual walk the same as those desires in our worldly realm, how much more would we experience Jesus/ the Holy Spirit? These are the questions I was left pondering after the program.

How about this. You I spy with your little eye THE car. That shiny red, rims glistening, classic Chevy, restored in top condition and you WANT it! You drive by the car dealership day and night admiring its beauty, dreaming of the day she will be yours. You start planning, analyzing and making changes in your life so that you can make your dream a reality. You DESIRE that car and therefore will not stop until you experience the joy of ownership for yourself. Eventually you WILL make it happen and nothing will get in your way. The excuse of not enough funds?? Pffft childs play – you will be more frugal to prioritize other expenses and take on a 2nd job if needed.

What are my desires that I consistently focus on and aim to achieve ‘high scores’ in? Looking back, I have to admit they have changed significantly over the past year and I’m not so sure that is a good thing but it is what it is and I won’t pretend any different. This is where I am in life I guess you could say.

Then I started thinking, could you imagine what would happen if we pursued the desire to know Jesus on a deeper level?

Professional pianist practice day and night, night and day. They eat, sleep and breathe piano studying the notes, the music, running the same monotonous cords up and down the scales over and over and over again. They are on a mission, they have a desire to make music, for their hands to flow freely over those keys without even thinking about it, for the playing to become natural – a second nature.

What would it be like if we gave that same attention in diving deep to God’s word? Sitting in the quiet and talking to him as if a physical being was in the same room and not rushing away after speaking our own side of the conversation, but staying a while to allow time for the other person to respond. You wouldn’t speak your mind at a dinner date with a friend and then cut short the conversation and rush out without allowing feedback would you? It takes 2 people to have a conversation, yes?

For talking to the Holy Spirit to become second nature, having a converation with Jesus – saying a prayer automatically as the answer and truly trusting that He would come through with a response, not trying to fix or find the answer yourself in parallel to the prayer (just in case he doesn’t come through quick enough or with the answer you want). Could you imagine?

It’s late and to avoid rambling un-necessarily I will cut this short but not first without saying: I believe I’m on to something and and I will continue to mull it over and keep my ears open for the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to see the revelation. Have you ever had that ‘feeling’ after an experience or following a sermon or seeing a movie that you know there is more behind the scenes and something so much bigger than what you see with the naked eye. That ‘thing’ is being imparted into you, yet you just can’t put your finger on what exactly it is? You just know its BIG and once the Holy Spirit does reveal it to you, it’s going to be a turning point. Well I think this subject of ‘desire’ and fueling the flame that Mr. Hagin touched on is one of those for me.

I’m curious on what you think too??



One thought on “Desire

  1. For whom are you living? Are you living for Jesus Christ, His name, His kingdom, His will and for the benefit and welfare of your children and others who don’t know Him; or are you living for yourself, your short term happiness and emotional well being? Do you embrace the basic value of selfsacrifical living or the value of selfish living? These questions are critical for you to answer in your own heart before God. Are we living for provision or vision and calling? These are just a few of the questions that the Lord has been revealing to me that christains need to ask themself .

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