I’ve been reading a book by Max Lucado titled “God’s Story, your story” and it has been, so far, a pleasant easy read – opening my eyes to new concepts and revelations along the way. During my reading last night, I was opened to ‘doodlebugs’ and rather than try to paraphrase (I’m not the best story teller) – I will quote straight from Lucado’s book for two reasons:

1. He’s proven to be a better author than me 🙂

2. I hope that maybe God will lay it on your heart to add this book to your reading and you will receive the revelations that I’ve gotten as well.

Taken from Chapter 3 of Max Lucado’s “God’s Story, your story”. Max is in a discussion on ‘finding our true home’ (which is eternity in heaven) and truly seeking God etc.

“Seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God.” ~ Colossians 3:1 NKJV

….”I had taken them (niece and nephew) to the San Antonio Zoo, a perfect place for a three and five year old to spend a Saturday afternoon. A veteran kid-guide, I knew the path to take. Start small and end wild. We began with the lowly, glass-caged reptiles. Next we oohed and aahed at the parrots and pink flamingos. We fed the sheep in the petting zoo and tossed crumbes to the fish in the pond. But all along I kept telling Lawson and Callie, ‘We’re getting closer to the big animals. Elephants and tigers are just around the corner.’

Finally we reached the Africa section. For full effect I told them to enter with their heads down and their eyes on the sidewalk. I walked them right up to the elephant fence. And just when I was about to tell them to lift their eyes, Lawson made a discovery. ‘Look, a doodlebug!’ ‘Where?’ Callie asked. ‘Here!’ He squatted down and placed the pellet sized insect in the palm of his hand and began to roll it around. ‘Let me see it!’ Callie said.

I couldn’t lure them away. ‘Hey guys, this is the jungle section.’ No response. ‘Don’t you want to see the wild animals?’ No, they focused on the bug. There we stood, elephants to our left, lions to our right, only a stone’s throw from hippos and leopards, and what were they doing? Playing with a doodlebug.

Don’t we all?

Myriads of angels encircle us, the presence of our Maker engulfs us, the witness of a thousand galaxies and constellations calls to us, the flowing tide of God’s history carries us, the crowing of Christ as King of the universe awaits us, but we can’t get our eyes off the doodlebugs of life: paychecks, gadgets, vacations and weekends.”


Isn’t that the truth? Take a minute and reflect on which doodlebugs have caused distraction from your eternal calling.


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