A Rainbow in Egypt

Pg. 24 “A Cure for the Common Life” by Max Lucado

“40 years after Moses fled Egypt, he returned, this time with God’s burning bush blessing and power. He dismantled Pharoah and unschackled the Hebrews.”


As we grow, each of us ‘vacation’ to our own Egypt from time to time. Now-the length of that vacation varies with each individual.

I’ve often said that I believe there is not a testimony without a test. This became very real to me on May 17, 1999 when Preston died. A highschool sweetheart. I didn’t understand it, I blamed myself, I went through a bout of depression, anger, rage and any other relatable emotion. Considering the circumstances around his death-that was a natural reaction by any person.

As I reflect from time to time on that chapter of my life-it is amazing and a true ‘God orchestrated’ chain of events that played out back then. That was during my junior year of highschool when I was gung ho for Jesus. Before I strayed away from God for those few ‘wandering’ years-so I had an awareness of the rock I could lean on during my sorrow. It also happened that in the summer of ’99, I went on a tour with our youth choir, singing at various venues along the east coast and I was able to use the story of Preston’s death/suicide and my journey through it as a testimony that I overcame what Satan meant to destroy me-God had turned around for His Glory.

Today, when reading the statement (see first paragraph), God gave me a ‘revelation of sorts’. All of the tests that we go through and the mountains we travel around, up, down, sideways and backwards…He will combine those tests to make a testimony. Once we’ve gone through our Egypt and left to visit other, more fruitful lands..God will bring us back to our own Egypt but this time we are¬†stronger, filled with a holy boldness, walking in His humility, guided by the Holy Spirit and driven by His strength in order that we may lead others across the bridge from Egypt to the land of milk and honey.

Just look at Moses-as a child he grew up as a prince. He studied underneath great teachers and leaders with a passion for knowledge and a breaking heart for those who suffered from the injustice of that time. Moses had to flee Egypt after he killed a man trying to protect another. Some would see that as a an unfortunate circumstance that Moses could have allowed to to become a ‘monkey on his back’. But God. While Moses was out of his Egypt, Moses was learning, studying, growing in his faith and relationship with God.

40 years later, God returned Moses back to his Egypt. This time, Moses was backed by the blessing of the burning bush, walking in the faith of God’s power and might and standing on THE rock.

How many times has God done that in my life? Returned me to my Egypt and given me the words and opportunity to speak to those living there. Using my testimony and actions to share the truth in love with women who are ashamed of who they have become not realizing their worth-that they are daughters of THE king and deserve that type of treatment from a man. Children who don’t know a father’s love. Those feeling invisible and unheard without a voice. I have so many cities in Egypt that I’ve left my stamp on I could continue for a while but you get the point.

Thank You Lord for my Egypt. Thank You for turning what the enemy meant to destroy me, into something beautiful and new. You turned my ashes into beauty. Teach me how to learn from every situation in my life, whether pleasant or uncomfortable-knowing that you have your hand in it at all times. I love you Father God. I’m thankful to be used as a vessel for you to flow through. A cracked, chipped and broken vessel. Sealed by the Blood of Jesus.


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