“Have you Heard?

Devotional take from Heaven Calling Daily Devotional – March 20th entry:
“Samuel said, ‘Speak, for your servant is listening.'” –
1 Samuel 3:10

~ “With Adam I spoke face-to-face. With Elijah, I spoke in a whisper. Paul heard me speak from a blinding light. Samuel didn’t recognize my voice at first; but once he knew it was me, he was ready for my message.
Have you heard my voice lately? In the loudness of life you may not hear me calling. But I do beckon you-in your conscience and in the depths of your heart; when you read my Word and when you pray.
I love it when we talk. I love it when you quiet yourself-even amid the noise-and spend time with me.
One day, we’ll talk face-to-face! But until then, keep listening for my voice. If you pay attention to mine, you won’t confuse it with other voices in this world, for I speak only what is true, just, lovely, and pure.
Precious one, tune your ear. I am calling to you.
Come talk to me.”


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